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Our company was created by high risk professionals. Therefore, we understand how difficult it can be to obtain credit card processing when you’re deemed a high risk business. We work for you and want to make this process as simple as possible. We never ask you for any upfront fees, our only interest is ensuring your business qualifies for secure credit transactions.

Our expert staff members will work with you to get your business approved for credit card processing, regardless of how high risk your business is. High risk industries and businesses we commonly work with include timeshare companies, travel clubs, online business education, mini vacations, collection agencies, the adult entertainment industry, nutritional businesses, and credit repair companies. We also work with high risk merchants in multiple other industries. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your account gets approved with banks. As trained professionals, we not only know what banks want, but we know what to do to help propel your business by enabling secure transactions.

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Michael Katz

Alpha High Risk Credit Card Processing